After almost two decades as a computer programmer, mostly in financial markets IT, in 2013 I started a new professional chapter as freelance developer and coordinator for web and mobile projects. During these five years I have progressively moved from the technical path to steer my career towards project management. In order to achieve this objective I initiated a hard self training to reach a level of proficiency that would help me feel really confident for my new profession, which included an specific graduate course on the matter, and CAPM and SCRUM master certifications.

But, after all that effort, I still had the sensation that there were many important aspects of project management that lacked agreement among different doctrines. There were also solutions that where very impractical or at least confusing to implement. All these problems sometimes prompted me even more questions and doubts about how I should have to handle many circumnstances that aroused in my daily job. So, in the Spring of 2018 I decided to take advantage of a change in my working situation to resume my studies and see if I could create an approach that took what I considered the best choices from each school of thought.

PM-ACE is the consequence of this work, a guide in which I describe sheer practical methods and techniques to direct and manage projects founded on the common and most important concepts and practices that are adapted from the PMBOK® guide as well as the PRINCE2® and Agile methodologies together with some other conclusions of my own.

Jaime Iscar


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